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Imagelys Texture Pack #8

Generates seamless textures using mathematical formulae and works with ready to use effects
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2 March 2008

Editor's review

While using your Imagelys Picture Styles application you can make various graphic images for different purposes. At times while going on with the process you come across the features of textures which are used to make the images look beautiful and can be even applied to your website to improve their look. But while working with these don’t you seek for more of them and for better ones to give your images a new and improved look. To fulfill this need of yours you can have the Imagelys Texture Pack #8 1 installed with the program. It provides you with a large variety of textures that can even be modified and customized according to your requirements.

Imagelys Texture Pack #8 1 can be installed to be and add-on to the Imagelys Picture Styles application. It easily gets installed to add up to the textures to provide you with all new ones. It provides you with the textures that can be can be used for 3D model. It contains new texture that adds up to the seamless textures and you can work with different ready-to-use effects. Render the variety of new added textures from these to form new images. Use these textures and have them added to the favorite custom textures in to the ToolPalette. Have the textures customized to make them look according to wheat your picture actually requires or suits to it. You need to update the textures as they provide the complete look to your images giving them a finished look. The Imagelys Picture Styles application provides you with not large but larger variety of textures so that you need to choose from those same ones again and again.

The Imagelys Texture Pack #8 1 can add different textures and provides your images with different looks when you work with your Imagelys Picture Styles. Rated with 3 points this rather useful add-on provides beautiful and amazing textures to help give elegant look to the images.

Publisher's description

Add Texture Pack into Imagelys Picture Styles software. Imagelys Picture Styles application is a way of creating an unlimited number of beautiful graphic images in a minimal amount of time. You can create seamless backgrounds for your desktop or your web page, original wallpapers, textures for 3D modelling, skins for your favorite programs, and much much more. You don't have to be an expert designer to be able to produce truly amazing results.
Imagelys Picture Styles generates seamless textures using mathematical formulae and works with ready-to-use effects including generators, deformers, filters, colour adjustments, special FX and masks for transparency. It presents a variety of textures that you can modify, mix etc. Ready to use.
Some of Imagelys Picture Styles features include:
- Offers unlimited compositing possibilities;
- Seamless texture rendering;
- Smart random image creation;
- More than 700 Seamless Textures predefined and customizable;
- Opens a various range of image formats like:
- Save images to a number of image formats like :
- Opens and saves custom project files;
- Add your favorite custom textures or effects into the ToolPalette;
- Standard retouching tools and image manipulation tools;
- Multiple layers from bitmaps, clipboard;
- Create/edit masks to apply various transparency effects;
- Bitmap alpha blending;
- Multiple customizable easy-to-use overlay layers;
- Variety of resampling filters to resample images to various sizes;
- Multiple Undo/Redo;
- Web export function;
- Make seamless image from whatever photos;
- Image warping support;
- Texture Pack support;
- Selection tool;
- Free transform support;
- Deformation function;
- Resynthesizer tool, create seamless texture with a part of a photo;
- Ruler support;
- View window list function;
Imagelys Texture Pack #8
Imagelys Texture Pack #8
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